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About us

Saba network supported by power Research institute, and influential cooperation with some experienced engineers, managers and entrepreneurs of this field, has started its activities since May 29, 2007. Considering  the vital and fundamental role of electrical industry in the process of development of the country’s economy, for the purpose of the data collection, synchronization, and organization, aiming to fast and easy informing in different ways. We have created an appropriate basis for recognizing and collecting information of electrical industry, and paved the way for programmers, managers, Iranian and foreign investors, other industrial, economical, and political parts. In addition, digital entrepreneurship has a special place in the current century. Our working practices are like many valid and major international informing centers in the world. Today, Saba has established the greatest, and the most powerful information center, involving electrical, oil, and water industries in Iran, presenting them to the audience online. Our main purpose is an effective mutual relationship with human resources, corporations, research and development units, and research centers creating efficient informing network in order to improve the knowledge of Iranian Society about electrical industry.

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