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Oil shortage could hit by 2020 if investment doesn
There could by a shortage of oil supply by 2020 if investment flows continue at their current rate, Saudi Arabia's energy minister Khalid A. Al-Falih has warned.Al-Falih told CNBC that prices today are "comfortable" but he worries about future investment.
Measuring how perovskite solar films efficiently convert light to power
Researchers have directly shown that electrons generated when light strikes a well-oriented perovskite film are unrestricted by grain boundaries and travel long distances without deteriorating. Identification of this property, which is key to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity, could lead to more efficient solar panels.
Researchers achieve major breakthrough in flexible electronics
Semiconductors, which are the very basic components of electronic devices, have improved our lives in many ways. They can be found in lighting, displays, solar modules and microprocessors that are installed in almost all modern day devices, from mobile phones, washing machines, and cars, to the emerging Internet of Things. To innovate devices with better functionality and energy efficiency, researchers are constantly looking for better ways to make them, in particular from earth-abundant materials using eco-friendly processes.
Iran nuclear deal faces bigger threats than Trump
The Iran nuclear deal faces a minefield of grievances that could scuttle the accord as President-elect Donald Trump takes over U.S. policy and Iranian factions wage a bitter fight over who will eventually succeed the nation's supreme leader.
Clean energy spending drops 18% as China
The drop to $287.5b is the first since 2013.
Nuclear energy to grab only 4.7% of Japan
No thanks to strong public opposition to nuclear restarts.
Trump turns down $2bn of Dubai property deals
US President-elect Donald Trump has said he has 'turned down' $2bn worth of deals offered to the Trump Organization by Dubai-based luxury developer Damac Properties.
UAE sets 2050 energy target
Ambitious plans to boost clean energy and slash dependence on natural gas to generate power are at the centre of the UAE’s new energy policy for the next three decades.
Egypt awards electricity transmission contracts
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company selected Alcatel to provide a full turnkey telecommunications network and associated services for their internal communication needs. Although planned for internal company use, the high-speed data and voice links in the Western Nile delta area may yet become an interesting asset in a more liberalised Egyptian communications market.
Petrofac wins $600m Salalah LPG project
Petrofac has signed a contract worth of $600 million with Salalah LPG SFZCO (SLPG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oman Oil Facilities Development Company LLC (OOFDC), to undertake the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of its Salalah LPG extraction project in the southern part of Oman.
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