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Iranian, Russian, Azeri Energy Ministers Agree on Trilateral Cooperation
Iranian, Russian and Azeri energy ministers inked an agreement to set up a working-group for the further expansion of their trilateral cooperation in the energy sector.

Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian, in a meeting with his counterparts from Russia and Azerbaijan on the sidelines of the 44th session of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Moscow on Friday, discussed the issue of trilateral cooperation in energy and electricity field.          

“I propose to include the perspective of cooperation in the field of electrical energy and the existing problems in this field, as well as the possible solutions and what we can do to set the legal foundations and prepare the documents of this trilateral cooperation in the agenda of our work today,” Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said at the beginning of the trilateral meeting,

“The tree countries have broad potentials in the field of generating electricity, exchanging it, and doing business with it, which should be taken optimum advantage of,” Novak added.

“There is a global tendency towards the expansion of energy networks, because doing so is to the benefit of different countries,” The Iranian minister said for his part.

“This country has a vest electricity network. Also, Azerbaijan Republic is a country with rapid economic growth rate that has a good advancement trend in its energy field,” Chitchian added.

Azerbaijan's Energy Minister Nateq Aliev, for his part, pointed out that each of the three energy ministers has their particular viewpoint on sustainable production of electricity power.

“Continuous provision of electricity is very important and establishment of a joint network would guarantee development and advancement for the three countries,” Aliev said.

The Iranian energy minister arrived in Moscow Thursday to attend the 44th session of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Electric Power Council. 

On Monday, Chitchian expressed pleasure in the growing volume of Iran's power exports to the neighboring states.

“We are moving on a growing trend in exporting electricity to the neighboring countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Chitchian told FNA.

“Recently, Iraq's power officials have contacted us to increase Iran’s electricity exports to the country,” he added.

He underlined that the neighboring countries have become aware of Iran’s capabilities in the power industry and therefore they have asked Iran to build power plants for them.

Iran is currently exporting electricity to Armenia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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