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Mr. Mark-Andree Paul: Wago products fit Iran’s Market very well.
The head of Wago department said: Wago is the world market leader of instrumentations, but also since 1995 an inventor of distributed systems. Therefore, we are covering a broad market so basically you can find our interconnection automation solutions in any kind of industry.

Mr. Mark-Andree Paul speaking with Saba Press continued:

Since of a couple of years we are also focusing specifically on energy market with our 0750 and tele-control controllers, we have a dedicated approach for that market.

Mr. Mark-Andree Paul added:

Primariy, we would like to promote our solutions, and the capabilities of Wago; we believe it fits very well to the Iranian market. We have established local contacts and executed some joint seminars, and on that, we have received a great response.

Mr. Mark-Andree Paul Summarized:

We are very well received in Iran, and we see that the clients appreciate our products.



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