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Mr. Dean Marcelja: There is a high level of potential of renewable energy in Iran.
The managing partner of GHB-HOLDING speaking with Saba said: I consider Iran as one of the countries with highest potential in terms of energy development. We are here to participate in the renewable projects and insert our experience to the is necessary to transfer the technology to Iran to help the local companies grow. We already have partnership in Iran and I am very confident that we will do great together within next year.

Mr. Marselja emphasized:

There have been a lot of interested companies to work with us, and we have had very constructive meetings with those companies.

He added:

In spite of having a sea of fossil fuel in Iran, there is a high level of potential of renewable energy in Iran.

Mr. Marselja concluded:

I think within five years renewable energy will find its place in Iran’s energy market. We will have to face some serious problems of course, but it will not stop the process.    



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