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Mr. Ricard Viladot: We are in the very early level of renewable energy market in Iran
The consulting partner of NETRA speaking with Saba Press went on: Netra is a consulting company located in Barcelona. We have branches in Dubi, Hong Kong, and now in Tehran. Our company includes different sectors working in oil, petroleum, and some other fields.

Mr. Viladot added:

We have taken part in this conference to offer our investment, financing, and other solutions for the investors coming to Iran. We have been supplying Iranian companies with our environmental solutions for the last three years. Then we noticed the potential in renewable energy market of Iran so we developed our partnership, and got involved in some projects.

He emphasized:

We are in the very early level of renewable energy market in Iran. There are few places that are as good as Iran all around the world. Implementation of new technology here will be easy, because of the technical aspects the local companies have.

Mr. Viladot concluded:

Banking relations, and insurance are two issues which have to be taken care of. Of course the government is doing a hard job to solve them, and keep the business going

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