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Filippo Ricci: We have considered to have a long presence in Iran
The business development manager of ENERAY speaking with Saba Press went on: ENERRAY is an Italian company involving PC construction of photovoltaic plants we belong to Maccaferri group which was funded 130 years ago and is active in many divisions. We have our project all around the world, and think Iran would give us an interesting opportunity. We spent a year to study Iran's condition, and now we are ready to start to construct the PV projects.

He added:

There is a great potential in Iran, although there are financial difficulties. So we are negotiating with the international communities and financings to solve the problems. Apart from the problem, we believe that Iran has a stable market, and we have considered to have a long presence here.

Mr. Ricci concluded:

We have received many contacts from local and international developers. We are here for developing the construction field, and if we have long presence here, we will have local companies beside us to work with.


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