Tue, May 26, 2020, 06:54
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Mr. Martin Petersen: Beluk looks forward to regaining their lost part in market of Iran
The head of sales and marketing of Beluk pointed out: We are trying to get back in the market of Iran as a strategic move and regain the markets that we have given over to our competitors during the past years

Mr. Martin Petersen speaking with Saba press went on:

We have had a very strong partner in Iran before the years of the sanctions. Due to the sanctions, we were out of business. Now we are taking this chance with our partner Mesbarkave to get back to the market, and locally produce our products in Iran for Iranian market; this is also the reason why I am here.

Mr. Martin Petersen emphasized:

We have a strong believe in Iran’s future market. We don’t look at the results today, and we have an over view for the next year.

He summarized:

 We have come from Germany to support our local dealer.

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