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The strong power network of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq is about to be created.
Saba information site quoted from IRNA: A strong quadrilateral power network between Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq will be created, Iran’s minister of power quoted as saying
In a meeting with Iraq and Syria’s ministers, Mr. Parviz Fattah made this announcement and a quadrilateral meeting will be held in Baghdad between the ministers of power and energy of the four mentioned countries.
Iran’s Minister of power added: Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria together with almost 200 million of population and 120 thousand Mega watt of installed capacity, are considered as a reliable power and energy suppliers in the world. 
Mentioning the strong and developing relationship between Iran and Turkey, the Minister stated: Turkey is also developing some projects in the field of electricity in its borders with Iraq and Syria , thus these four countries have decided to crate a quadrilateral and powerful electricity network.
Mr.Fattah added For the time being, Iraq is having its stability and security which has its effect on Iran and Syria while one of the most important and effective points for Iraq’s stability is to develop the infrastructure and in this regard, electricity plays an important role.
The minister stated: During the recent years many things have been done for Iraq’s power industry and some power plants are about to be established. Mentioning exporting electricity to Iraq via the borders and by the time Iran has a surplus in generating power. Mr. Fattah said: There used to be a relationship between Iraq and Syria in the field of electricity which was damaged or ruined duo to war and lapse of time. Now these lines are repaired and some new lines are to be established.
Considering the time difference in west and east horizon, he specified: Iran, Turkey , Syria and Iraq can use this difference in the peak time and duo to the difference of consumption in summer and winter , these countries have the ability for power transmission.
Mr. Fattah also added: Establishing new power plants and using the existing equipments for power transmission is a common interest between these four countries and stated: There will be a good cooperation between the ministers of these four governments in future.
Nowadays and duo to the situations in Iraq , this country is not able to generate enough power even for 24 hours , thus Iran , Turkey and Syria help Iraq by exporting electricity as the first step and simultaneously by establishing power plants. Iran is working on two power plants in Iraq , one of them with Iraq’s investment and the other one with mutual cooperation, Mr. Fattah quoted as saying.

Iran is also establishing the TESHRIN power plant and some other stations in Syria and there is a good cooperation between the countries, the minister stated.

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