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Dr. Arabani: For the first time in Iran, consideration and designing Ultra Voltage System of 765 kV
The head of Insulator Studying Committee has considered the ultra voltage lines of 765 KW for the first time in Iran as an important point in the 10th seminar of transmission lines and 7th insulator seminar.
Dr. Arabani has told this to SABA information site’s reporter and added: We arrange specialized electricity seminars in national commission of studying. We evaluate especial issues of this industry in these kinds of seminars. This year we have brought the transmission lines and the insulators together in the 10th transmission lines and the 7th insulator seminar. The most important point here is that for the first time we introduce the ultra voltage system of 765 kV in Iran. More important is introducing DC and HVDC voltage system which were brought forth for discussion. Also these commissions managed to prepare an approved law regarding limits of transmission lines and we have sent it to the council of ministers for final approval .We also have asked several companies to inform us about their views in this regard. Also we discussed about insulators which is very important in transmission lines. High voltage insulators must be very precise and composite insulators were another main topic in this seminar.
The manufacturers of lines, fittings, cables are present in the related exhibition and we hope to have developments in manufacturing transmission lines equipments.

Dr. Arabani stated: We feel that the contraction of these two seminars was very successful and we will give a more room to the exhibition and also we hope more manufacturers of insulators and more active companies will take part in the exhibition which will take place the next year.

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