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Four methods for transferring the half have done power plants to the private sector.
Mr. Esmaeel Gholami, vice president of the privatization organization stated: There are four methods for transferring shares in half done power plants belonging to the government to the private sector and one of them is to complete the power plants through the government.

SABA information site quoted from Mehr agency,He added: Those plants do not have any program for development but their budget is approved, in case of government’s agreement, this budget can be transferred to private sector. If so, private sector is interested in purchasing these power plants such as DAMAVAND and ABADAN.

Transferring the power plants to the private sector will happen within the next two weeks according to the article 44 of constitution, Mr. Gholamreza Heidari , Managing Director of the privatization organization quoted as saying. He also stated that 8 governmental plants will be transferred to the private sector the next year.
Mar 9, 2009 15:46
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