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Iran’s large power plant consignment is about to be installed in Iraq very soon
One of the large consignments in Iran’s industry history related to the 320 Megawatt power plant of ALSADR in Baghdad arrives in Iraq and will be installed within the next days.
Saba information site quoted from Irna, the first part of this consignment are the turbines which are 550 tons of weight and are carried through special pullers followed by the most important contract for exportation of technical and engineering services to Iraq signed between the two countries, and our experts in SANIR company ( export of water and power equipments) are working on this project of ALSADR.
Important to say: the power plant project of ALSADR in Iraq contains two units of approximately 160 Megawatts for more than 100 million Euros based on turnkey operation (EPC ) including design and manufacturing of equipments, constructional operation, installation and start up the generator turbines and other accessories. Also building 60 residential unites within 2 years through Iranian experts is included to the contract.
In this project, MAPNA Company for producing turbines and generators and AMERAN company for engineering designing will be associate to SANIR.
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