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Interview with Mr.hashemi yeganeh,responsible for ITM unit of Abasspour Electricity and Water University
Abasspour Electricity and Water University is one of the most equipped and specialized universities in the field of power and water and has the ability in testing all counters and simulators of power plants and turbines and specialized labs in the country,Mr.Hashemi Yeganeh quoted as saying.
In this field and beside the exhibition of services and power plant equipments, we had a meeting with Mr. Hashemi Yeganeh, a senior technical expert in Abasspour university and responsible for ITM unit ( Information Technology Management ) in order to know more about this well known university in Iran.
Hashmi Yeganeh: The ITM unit of Abasspour water and electricity university has participated in power plant services and equipment’s exhibition for the first time .Although it is the first time ,but we could manage to present our capabilities in the best way for those who were interested. The main task of ITM is to make connection with people and companies who have specific specialty and with reference to new technologies; it creates conditions for related progress and developments. For short time training courses and tele education system ,we will give full information to students and to those who are interested in water and electricity industry.
Some of the companies who have specific products and abilities and are interested to contact us , we will introduce their products through Abasspour university. We have done it so far for NODAK consulting company with good knowledge in the field of management and ISAR commercial company with access to a specific formulation for a secure material named KIMIA ( elixir ) with half price in comparison with similar foreign product and seven time more effective. We are very proud to introduce such products.
Contact number :
ITM unit :   0098_21 – 73932618       Mr. Hashemi Yeganeh
Mar 10, 2009 13:06
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