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With the presence of Dr. Aliabadi , in a farewell ceremony , the newly appointed person in charge of Iran’s Electricity Development Organization ( IEDO ) was introduced.
SABA information site quoted from public relation of IEDO : Some of managers in power industry were present in this ceremony and Dr. Aliabadi mentioned about the fruitful services of engineer Behzad and expressed his appreciation

He hoped that the newly appointed engineer Bani Hashemi will be successful in his new responsibility.

He specified: Iran’s Electricity Development Organization is in fact considered as an employer who has specific duties to fulfill and to be responsible for this organization is very important. One of these duties is to maintain, increase and guaranty the quality and added : Beside maintaining the quality we must avoid any prodigality .Another duty is to create a condition for the growth of contractors and other sectors related to this industry. We must consider this organization as very important whereas it is a kind of motor for all other industries , therefore many related rules and laws have to be amended.

Also in this ceremony, engineer Behzad the former president of IEDO made his lecture and mentioned about the performance of the organization and stated: 149 power plants with 23000Megawatt of capacity were established from 1996.

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