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Summoning for establishing small generators and independent generating of electricity.
Following the article 44 of the constitution and in order to increase using and maintaining the environment, the ministry of power is going to conclude five year contracts to establish small generators with guaranteed purchasing of their electricity
SABA information site quoted from ISKA News: According to the ministry of power, this project is for establishing small generators in factories, industrial areas, hospitals , residential, educational, offices and sport complexes and also independent generating of electricity through natural gas as their main fuel.
The ministry of power will support these producers by a five year guaranty for purchasing their generated electricity. This will be done through signing contracts with consideration of the following conditions:
The annual average of guaranteed purchasing is minimum 303,5 Rials for one KW ( for changing the energy ) plus the price of one cubic meter of natural gas sold to them ( fuel expenses ).
Note 1 – Inflation rate will be considered in annual guaranteed purchasing (according to the announced price by Central bank of Iran).
Note 2; For generators with more output (including those generate heat and electricity simustanesly ) and consume ¼ cubic meter natural gas for generating one KW electricity , the guaranteed price will increase up to 690 Rials.
According to the existing rules for electricity tariffs, general expenses for branching will be paid back to those who generate electricity.
The subscribers for these producers will not pay any expenses for branching. Also those subscribers who are prepared to consume or deliver their electricity to the power network in June, July and August will be considered as electricity generators with following advantages:
A-    The ministry of power will supply their fuel.
B-    The distributors of electricity will pay them 303,3 Rials for each KW and the price for 40% of consumed gasoil.
C-    In addition of article and B , they will meet a discount for their cooperation with repairing sector according to the circular 18753/30/100.The electricity of these generators during June , July and August will be purchased in advance.
Those producers who need technical and administrative assistance can get their help from the distributing companies.
For more information and conclusion of a contract go to
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