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The emergency portable towers, new production in electricity industry
This production is an exclusive one and belonging to Ahwaz Fanoos Company, the deputy manager quoted as saying. We used to import the technology of this production but now we have it by ourselves and for the time being we are researching the possibilities to export this technology
SABA information site’s report indicates: Since 1985 Ahwaz Fanoos Engineering Company is active in the field of designing and manufacturing transmission lines in an area with 40 hectares of space. This company is equipped with CNC full automatic machinery and many experienced experts are working in this company.
He told SABA reporter: We are a leading company in exporting transmission lines. And for the time being we are exporting to Iraq. As I told before, the emergency tower is our unique production which can be installed very quickly in less than 24 hours. These towers are suitable when the main towers meet damages duo to natural causes and when they must be removed or transferred to somewhere else, since the emergency towers are portable and easy to carry. The regional power sectors can store these towers and use them when needed.
We manufacture this production with the help of “Niroo Researchers”.Mr. Bagheri stated: We don’t have any problem for selling this production inside the country and we will start to export it to Iraq the next year and I hope it will happen in the first half of the new year.
He added : To participate in seminars such as Transmission Lines Seminar is a good opportunity for companies like ours to get familiar with the new technology.
He emphasized: We are 100% self-sufficient in manufacturing transmission lines and in these kinds of seminars we will be able to introduce our products.
He als0 stated: Exportation can solve many problems, but in this regard we need to be supported by the government. By supplying facilities, the government can help us to present our services in its best way.

Mr.Bagheri mentioned the activities of some western companies in the issue of boycotting, although they are aware of Iranian market and how profitable this market is to them. He said: I think the syndicate’s move in this regard is a good move and the governments as well as the parliament have supported this move of the syndicate. The western companies should know, we are very strong in this industry and we can easily lay them beside and replace them with other companies, but certainly we need our government’s support.

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