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Iran's Petrochemicals Make Big Strides
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian petrochemical plants in Assalouyeh have reportedly produced over three million metric tons of various products in a period of four months.

In the past 4 months, the petrochemical plants in Asalouyeh, located in the southern province of Bushehr, have produced 3,062,318 metric tons of various products, Shana reported.

Nouri Petrochemicals leads these plants with an output of 1,011,906 metric tons. The Nouri complex has 11 production units that put out materials including benzene, heavy aromatics, LPG, heavy and light hydrocarbons.

It has an annual output capacity of 4.5 million metric tons.

In second place is Pars Petrochemicals, the output of which has been 667,282 metric tons of petrochemicals in the past 4 months.

The company has an annual production capacity of 1.245 million metric tons, which includes ethane, propane, butane, gasoline, and styrene monomers.

The Jam Petrochemical Complex is in third place. The output of this complex has been 596,505 metric tons over the past 4 months.

Jam's specializes in olefin production and recognized as the world's biggest producer of the substance.

In addition, it produces 3,211 metric tons of ethylene, which makes it the record-holder for the Middle East.

Other producers in the Assalouyeh region are Aria Sassool, Pardis, Zagros and Mehr, with outputs of 348,906; 231,621; 186,850 and 19,249 metric tons respectively.

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