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5 More Power Plants to Join Cross-Country Fuel Pipeline
TEHRAN (PIN) – National Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company Managing Director stated that 10 power plants were joined cross-country liquid fuel pipeline last year and five more are to be joined.

Hossein Eizadi in an interview with PIN, declared: Supplying with required fuel for winter time, Uroumiah, Damavand, Shahid Rajaie, Gilan, Karaj, Neishabour, Abadan, Qazvin and Bandar Abbas power plants joined cross-country liquid pipeline. Ardabil Power Plant is also supplied with cross-country fuel transmission pipe-line. Sanandaj Power Plant is planned to be supplied with liquid fuel in the second half of this year. Parand, Roud-Shour, Khoramshahr and Yazd Power plants are also arranged to join.

Transmitting natural gas through pipe-line can economize fuel supply for power plants considerably as doing so through the road is not economical, National Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company Managing Director indicated.

He confirmed: A power plant consumes 3 to 4 million liters of fuel on average a day. Cross-country liquid fuel pipe-line capacity is about 30 million liters a day. It has 14,000 km length and to keep it secure an electronic system has been utilized – 5,000 km out of 14,000 km is under the supervision this electronic system of pipe-line length at the moment.

National Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company is in charge of transition of oil from oil fields to refineries, receiving refineries products to National Iranian Oil Company stocks for storing to meet the country demands. The company is also in charge of transmitting crude oil from Central Asia to northern refineries.

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