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Iran Prefers Pipeline Other than Nabucco for Gas Exports to Europe
The Nabucco pipeline will not move ahead without gas from Iran, though Tehran's preference is to export its gas to Europe through the Persian Pipeline.

National Iranian Gas Co. Director Reza Kasaeizadeh referring to Iran's position as a global gas giant, noted that 16 percent of the world's natural gas reserves lie in his country.
"Projects like Nabucco and other similar projects will not be operational without Iran's partnership," he said.
Regional partners to the $10.3 billion Nabucco gas pipeline signed a milestone agreement on the project at a July summit in Ankara. Though the project has substantial political support, it lacks firm commitments from supplier nations.
Iran was mentioned as a possible gas supplier to Nabucco, though that involvement was met with opposition from Washington, which opposes any project that provides economic benefits for Tehran.
Kasaeizadeh told that Iran's preference was to export its gas through the Persian Pipeline.
"In comparison with other projects for transferring gas, Iran prefers to use the Persian Pipeline project for exporting gas to Greece and then to Europe after the project's completion," he said.
The 2,100-mile Persian Pipeline would bring an estimated 1.3 trillion cubic feet to markets in Europe along a path that includes Turkey, Iraq and Syria.
Iran expects to complete the project by 2014.
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