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Vietnam Eager to Buy Iranian Gas
Vietnam is seeking a long term contract for buying Iranian gas, Tehran's envoy to Hanoi announced on Saturday.
"Vietnam is interested in working with Iran in petrochemical fields and is seeking a long term contract for buying gas from Iran," Iranian Ambassador to Hanoi Seyed Javad Qavam Shahidi told FNA. 

He highlighted the positive relations between Iran and Vietnam, and noted, "We have received positive signals from our Vietnamese friends for expanding all-out ties between the two sides, specially in the field of energy." 

"They are eager to have a full-scale participation in our energy sector, and this provides a good opportunity for exchanging technical and engineering services and cooperation," Shahidi added. 

The ambassador further pointed to a contract between Iran's "Farab" company and Hanoi for building a power plant for the southeast Asian state in cooperation with a Vietnamese company, saying the contract is in its final stages. 

Shahidi also asked the Iranian trade, oil, industries, road and transportation ministries to pay more attention to cooperation with Hanoi. 
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