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4th Meeting of Olive National Council to be held with the attendance of Head of ICCIM
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" in this meeting described about the activities of this council and said this council can be successful if it can be a focal point of the agriculture industry and if it can establish coordination with different organizations
This council should establish group and social cooperation since it can be very important for this industry in the country, Nahavandian said.
He also noted that different state-run organizations like Ministry of Commerce, Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, distribution networks, research centers and even universities can play significant role in culture making for olive use in the country.
It is necessary to contact with different sectors affiliated to this industry regarding the objectives of the council and network managing, culture making and policy makings should be done properly in this regard, he emphasized.
In policy making it is necessary to have good relation and contact with Iranian Parliament, he noted, adding that olive industry and the related activities in this sector are good for increasing the level of employment in the country.
He finally stated that Iran Chamber of Commerce is ready for holding interviews, and for cooperating with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and Iranian Parliament for culture making in this case.
A member of Olive National Council, "Boland Nazer" expressed that according to the report of Olive International Council Iran is one of the countries which has good condition for planting olive.
Secretary of Olive National Council, "Bayat" also expressed hope that the council can be successful in implementing its objectives and in increasing the level of employment in the country.
Another member of this council, "Sadeghi" also pointed to the problems in agriculture and olive industry and said if the council can work properly, the future of olive industry can be very promising.
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