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A meeting between ICCIM Board Members and Board Members of Joint Chambers and Business Councils
Joint meeting of ICCIM Board Members and Board Members of Joint Chambers and Business Councils was held with the aim of exploring future plans and programs of these Chambers and business councils in relation with the global economy.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" pointed to the priority of ICCIM in promoting its position within policymaking societies and said this should become the first priority of Joint Chambers and joint councils.
Emphasizing on establishing a suitable condition for Joint Chambers and joint councils, he said Chambers and councils can achieve a good condition when they can play effective roles on Iran's relation and cooperation with other countries.
If we can expand the number of our members and develop the fields of our activities with foreign countries it shows that we could perform our duties successfully in Joint Chambers, he said.
Chambers of Commerce should recognize markets and economic enterprises in the target countries and should exchange the information in this case, he noted.
Pointing to the necessity of providing a system for exchanging information between Iran Chamber, Joint Chambers and Joint Councils, he called on introducing trade opportunities of different countries on ICCIM website.
Pointing to the trade opportunities in Iraq, he said Iraq was one of the biggest trade opportunities for Iran but could Iran have a very active presence in Iraq's markets? Definitely the answer is no.
It is necessary to introduce Iran's trade opportunities to the target countries through appropriate advertisements, statistics, dissemination of information as well as through holding Iran's economy day in other countries in order to expand trade exchanges between Iran and other countries.
ICCIM International Affairs department is a center for providing services to Chambers and business councils, he said, adding that providing services is among our duties and we expect Chambers and councils to play effective roles in this regard.
Iran Chamber should facilitate the relation of joint Chambers and joint councils with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and associations and providing services to the members and preparing economic reports are among duties of Joint Chambers, he added.
Pointing to the agreements reached with Ministry of Foreign Affairs for construction of centers which provide economic services, he said the first trade center has been constructed in China and some steps have been taken for construction of Iran's trade center in Sudan, Oman and Azerbaijan which should be invested on by the private sector.
Emphasizing on utilization of the opportunities during the sanction condition, he said many political problems will be solved with the presence of traders and businessmen.
ICCIM Board Member, "Ibrahim Jamili" also stated that during the two years remaining of the responsibilities of ICCIM Board Members we should make effort to inaugurate a new and serious movement in the programs of Chamber of Commerce and joint business councils, he said.
Pointing to the coordinations made with Ministry of Commerce and Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, he said we intend to give the responsibility of dispatching and receiving trade delegations to the Joint Chambers and joint business councils since joint councils can play on effective role on holding exhibitions.
ICCIM Deputy for International Affairs, "Mehdi Fakheri" expressed in this meeting that joint Chambers and business councils have significant impact on mutual ties, adding that any coordination and cooperation done by joint Chambers and business councils with other countries can be effective for Iran Chamber and they can provide us with necessary information regarding economic condition, investment opportunities and trade partners.
Fakheri also declared about establishment of new 13 joint councils by ICCIM and said many ambassadors of foreign countries in Iran intend to establish Joint Councils and we hope with the establishment of these councils we can have better access to their markets.
ICCIM Board Member, "Masoud Daneshmand" also stated that Iran Chamber should have a leading role and Joint Chambers and councils should play executive roles in this case since the activities should not interfere with each other.
He finally stated if we can separate the responsibilities and duties of Chambers we can achieve better and positive results.
ICCIM Vice-President, "Ala Mir Mohammad Sadeghi" also suggested to establish a joint center for Chambers and councils, noting that with the agreement of Board Members we suggest to establish a joint center for making necessary coordinations, providing facilities for dispatching delegations as well as exploring different issues in this case.
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