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Head of ICCIM in a meeting of Business Council of Iranian Residents of Dubai
Head of ICCIM expressed in this meeting that after global crisis Iran will be able to show its power to the world.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" pointed to the condition of the global economy and said during the current economic crisis in which financial and investment programs were the causes of recession and the important and big countries have moved towards real sectors of economy, Iran can be considered as an important country according its potentials.
The countries with stronger real economic sector could remain better in the condition of economic crisis, he noted, adding that western countries were also reached to this conclusion that they should move towards real economic sectors.
One of the problems of European countries is their old population which means each person should make more effort for providing necessities of others, he noted.
Iran is very powerful in the real economic sector and it also enjoys good condition regarding its geography and labor force, he stated.
Nahavandian also said we should utilize our power practically in order to be able to stabilize our condition in the world.
He also declared about weak points of Iran's economy and said the government's monopoly on economy has been noticed since 1925 and the first state-run company inaugurated its work with the help of the government.
From establishment of state-run companies, the government interference on economy was increased and all the benefits were allocated to the government, he noted, adding that nationalizing oil industry had remarkable impact on the government's interference and it was the government that could invest significantly on different sections. It was due to this issue that our economy became very dependent on oil, he noted.
Iranian enterprises have always had low productivity and it is due to this reason that we intend to make necessary changes, he added.
Pointing to the government's authority, he said economy can not reach a good condition with the interference of the government.
The Article 44 of the Constitution is a result of an overall consensus on Iran's economy, he noted, adding that state-run companies and factories highly depend on the government; this is while the private sector is facing with financial problems.
These issues have been considered in the Article 44 and all the privileges for the state-run sector are considered for the private sector as well, he said and pointed to the changes made in business environment within a compatible economy and said we should provide justice for both state-run and private sector.
About 80% of Iran's economy is in the hand of the government and the private sector should become active in the fields of oil and gas, banking and transportation, Nahavandian declared.
Pointing to the lack of transparency in the business environment, he said the reason of this issue is the presence of the government, adding that one of the other weak points of business environment in Iran is that private sector could not have access to the necessary information.
A successful private sector can help the economy to become rule based and also it can help reform the business environment, he said. Political problems should not interfere with the economic issues, Head of ICCIM emphasized, noting that we should lessen the problems and difficulties of Iran's economy and make the economy as stable as possible.
All investors within and outside of the country should gather and provide assistance for Iran's economy he said, adding that we can benefit from their experiences in this case.
Head of ICCIM also expressed that many of Iranian investors who have invested in foreign countries have faced financial losses, adding that if they had invested in Iran, they would have earned more income in this case.
There are large projects in Iran and we should disseminate information regarding these projects, he emphasized and said the foundations outside of Iran can help implementation of these projects.
Unless proper investment put on energy sector in the countries which enjoy rich energy resources, we will face energy crisis in future, he emphasized and added the condition is now ready for investing in this sector.
Pointing to the economic cooperation between Iran and United Arab Emirate, Head of ICCIM said we should pay more attention to these relations in order not to lose the opportunities.
Emirate is our first trade partner and we shouldn't just think of short term trade relations since it can be shifted to other countries, Nahavandian stated, noting that we should consider the benefits of the two countries and use the win-win policies in this regard.
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