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Portuguese Delegation visited ICCIM Director for Bilateral Relations
In the meeting convened between Portuguese delegation from Portuguese Association for Mould Industry and ICCIM Director for Bilateral Relations development of cooperation between the two countries in this industry was emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, ICCIM Director for Bilateral Relations, "Hasan Najafi Larijani" emphasized on expansion of trade ties between the two countries and said one of mechanisms of ICCIM for developing economic ties is exchanging trade delegations with other countries and it also encourages Iranian business community to attend international exhibitions and seminars.
Another mechanism is establishing joint business councils he said, noting that some of these business councils have changed into joint Chambers of Commerce.
ICCIM website provides good opportunities for foreign countries to know more about areas of cooperation with Iran, Larijani said, adding that Iran Chamber can introduce Iran's potentials and capabilities and it can also introduce foreign traders to the related Iranian companies and enterprises.
Iran Chamber is a national Chamber and is in fact the parliament of the private sector which is considered as an umbrella for more than 30 local Chambers, he stated.
Investment condition in Iran is good considering the FIPPA rules and regulations according to which the foreign investors are able to buy 100% of the shares and they can utilize facilities such as tax exemption.
He finally suggested that if Portugal can encourage the manufacturers who are active in mould industry to attend Iranian exhibitions this helps increase mutual ties.
Secretary General of Portuguese Association for the Mould Industry, "Manuel Oliveira" expressed that we have traveled to Iran in order to find out about new opportunities, noting that it is important for us to promote our activities at the international level and we want to find the ways for expanding our mutual cooperation with Iran.
Portugal is very active in the mould industry and we export more than 90% of our products to foreign countries including European markets, he declared. He also said we cooperate with different industries including automating, electronics and medical industries.
Oliveira also pointed to the ample potentials in Iran for cooperating with Portugal in this industry and called on Iran Chamber to help promote relations between the two countries.
Counselor & Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Portugal, "Pedro David Laima" pointed to the efforts made by the embassy regarding development of relations between the two countries and said the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Spain shows 22% increase during the year 2008 and we hope our economic relations with Iran can be expand as well.
Portugal embassy will support the increase of cooperation between Iran and Portugal and we want to see Iran's potentials in this industry at national and international arena, he added.
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