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500Mln. Income from Fuel Sales to Ships in Persian Gulf
TEHRAN (PIN) - Through sales of 1.4 million tons of kiln oil and gas oil to ships passing through the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, from March to July of this year, approximately $5.2 million of income has been made for the IRI
The commercial manager of the National Iranian Oil Derivatives Distribution Company, Gholam-Reza Rabbani spoke to PIN and said: through the implementation of the bunkering project (fuel distribution to ships), 1.98 million tones of kiln oil has been sold to ships passing through the Persian Gulf, which meant a 30% increase from the previous year.
Rabbani continued: 64,000 tons of gas oil were sold to ships in the five month period of March to July, which meant an 80% increase from the previous year of 36,000 tons. In the previous year, 2,000,000 tons of product were sold to ships on the southern coast of the country which was the equivalent to $1.9 million of income.
The price of crude oil in global markets is one of the factors affecting the prices of oil products. Despite the reduction of oil prices this year, the amount of sales has risen which is good news for the country. The conditions existing within the Persian Gulf provides a suitable situation to provide fuel for ships, which is another source of income for the country. During the past two years, the share of fuel distribution of the IRI has become 14.5%, where this figure used to be zero. The bunkering project in its many dimensions is continuing.
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