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Iran Investment Opportunities Seminar will be held in Turkey, Head of OIETAI said.
Iran Investment Opportunities Seminar will be held in Turkey for presenting Iran investment opportunities in other countries and at the same time supporting and prompting projects holders.

According to the report of Public Relation of OIETAI, 130 projects holders of state will participate in this seminar. Entrepreneurs and Investment projects holders exchange ideas with foreign investors and presenting their projects to Turks investors in the face to face specialized panels and using legal consultations of experts of OIETAI, Alishiri said.

Subjects such as Industries & Mines, Tourism, Agriculture and Processing Industries will be discussed in these panels.
Iran Investment Opportunities Seminar in Turkey will be held by cooperation & association of Tabriz Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines, East Azerbaijan Economic Affairs and Finance Organization and also Turkey Deik Society will present Investment opportunities to Turks pioneer investors, Alishiri said.
He also pointed out, Turkey is the second country after China for presenting Iran Investment opportunities and it was expected with attention to Iran economic advantages, government efforts for improving doing business and private sector enthusiasm for participating in the state economic environment, the seminars prepare suitable grounds for absorbing and promoting foreign investors.
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