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Emphasis by Indian Minster on Expansion of Energy Trade with IRI
Sanji Sing, the Indian ambassador to IRI had a meeting with the head of the IRI Islamic Parliament, Ali Larijani emphasizing on expansion of economic cooperation especially in the energy area.

During the meeting, Larijani announced that both countries were considered as very old and great cultures as well as hinting at the good relations between both countries.

He stated that the relationship between the people of the two countries has been one of respect from the past and such cultural tendency was the basis for a strong and close relationship between them.
Larijani continued to state that the capacities and opportunities for mutual cooperation and development between the IRI and India in various fields (political, economical, international culture) were great and that the parliament was emphasizing such cooperation. It was in the interests of both countries to boost the relationships and the mutual cooperation and support each other especially in the all-important international arena where necessary.
Sanji Sing also announced that the IRI was considered as an important and effective country in the area and that the cooperation between the two was in the process of growth. Both countries have had centuries of trade and corporation as well as sharing mutual cultural and historic backgrounds which has caused growth and development between the two.
Sanji Sing emphasised the continuation of such cooperation and the requisite for boosting of the mutual cooperation between the two countries in the areas of energy, continued growth, culture and trade. He went on to say that for India growth in the future was of great importance.
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