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Ambassadors of the Islamic Countries to Iran attend Iftar Ceremony in ICCIM
In the Iftar Ceremony held by Iran Chamber of Commerce with the attendance of ambassadors of Islamic countries to Iran, development of peace, business ethics and morality for expansion of trade ties was emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" pointed to the holy month of Ramadan and said I wish God gives opportunity to Islamic Omah to have peace as well as to have the opportunity to make their effort for the cause of Allah for spirituality and harmony which are the massages of Ramadan.
He also expressed that the month of Ramadan is good for business because it spreads the word of peace and added only through peace we can do business, progress and develop.
Pointing to the importance of business ethics within different countries, he said ethics is being discussed in scientific circles as well as in business and management.
He also added if we can enhance the values of ethics and morality we can help growth of business, noting that the month of Ramadan provides us with the opportunity to talk about peace, ethics and morality.
Iran Chamber of Commerce has inaugurated some programs regarding business ethics, Nahavandian declared, saying that in this way we can deliver some rich and thoughtful messages to the national business community.
In many Islamic countries Islam has been spread only by traders and business people with their good practices of business ethics, he stated, adding that it is necessary to make efforts for development of business ethics and Muslims should practice ethics more than others.
He also pointed to the message of "brotherhood" as another important issue, nothing that there is no difference between different Islamic schools of though regarding fasting and this shows the unity between Muslims.
Pointing to the problems from outside world of Islam, Head of ICCIM said anti Islamic voices try to separate Muslims from each other and we shouldn't let other problems to be created by our enemies.
He finally stated Iran Chamber of Commerce is always ready for receiving delegations from Islamic countries and our priority is expanding economic ties with Muslims.
According to this report, Ambassadors of Iraq and Syria also delivered speech regarding unity between Islamic countries and development of economic and cultural ties between Muslims.



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