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The Reasons of Improvement in the state's doing business atmosphere, Alishiri delineated.
According to the report of Public Relations of OIETAI, was quoted by Fars News Agency, during press conference about improvement of doing business in OIETAI, Alishiri said,

10 workgroups were established for leading every indexes of doing business and 5 indexes among these indexes relate to the judiciary and other indexes relate to executive organizations and municipality.

100 meetings and 2 seminars were held for improving doing business environment in the last year and the results of our activities are comparative, because it has been done in competition with other countries. Reforming activities were 287 in the last year which every country on average reformed 2 indexes and world's activities increased 20 percent, Alishiri said.
The statistics show over 3 reforms were done in 38 countries in the world and Iran's reforms in 4 indexes were registered and were confirmed.
Establishment of Electronic Registration System , City's Electronic Services Offices and facilitating processes for getting permits like water and electric permits are among construction permits improvement reasons, which help for improving doing business indexes. Reducing processes in Shahid Rajai Port and facilitating inspection processes in customs are among overseas business indexes improvement, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs & Finance pointed out.    
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