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Iranian and Indian Economic Activists met in ICCIM
Iranian and Indian economic activists from the private sector met in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and discussed regarding different economic issues.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, ICCIM Director for Bilateral Relations, "Hasan Najafi Larijani" pointed to the important role of exchanging information on expanding the economic relations between the two countries, and said the philosophy of holding such meetings and seminars is increasing the awareness of the two countries' businessmen in order to find new ways for developing economic ties.
Head of Indian Commercial Delegation, "Vijay Kirloskar" pointed to the meetings of the Indian delegation with Iranian Privatization Organization, Ministry of Industries and Mines as well as some of the private companies and noted we achieved lots of knowledge regarding Iran's economic condition through those meetings.
Iran is a large and powerful country with an independent economy, he said, adding that both Iran and India should make efforts to improve their trade relations.
He also declared India is good at services and infrastructures and we have facilitated banking issues.
Describing about CII, he stated CII has 7800 direct members and about 90000 indirect members and it is active in different industrial areas including manufacturing and banking.
He also added CII intends to cooperate with Iran and Tehran Chambers of Commerce.
Iran's Commercial Attaché in New Delhi, "Khosro Payandani" also stated that dispatching commercial delegations and holding face to face meetings help increase of awareness and trust between Iranian and Indian businessmen.
Exchanging commercial delegations necessitates a close cooperation between both countries' Chambers of Commerce, he declared, noting that we try to develop the relations between Iran and India as much as possible

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