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Austrian Firms Eager to invest in Iran
President of Defense Commission of Austria National Parliament, Pitter Fischten Bouer said that the Austrian Firms Eager to invest in Iran

In a meeting with the Vice Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Dr. Alishiri, he noted the changes in the political attitude of European countries to Iran and he emphasized in the development of Economic and Trade cooperation between two countries.

Behrouz Alishiri, President of Organization for Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran indicated that the government efforts regarding recovering Doing Business atmosphere in the Country.
He asserted that: "Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment law is one of the advanced investment law in the world which includes some advantages like: possibility of investment in all Economic area with no restriction on their contribution, behave without any preference for Investors, protect transferring the interest , revenue and foreign capital.
Alishiri Further noted that the advantages of our country such as rich mineral and natural recourses, high rate of returned capital, make Iran's investment environment profitable for high technology investments.
The Vice Minister also cited this fact that our country is not interested to receive financial facility from international Banks but intends to be benefit from contributing method including Foreign Direct Investment as a substitute for the said method.
He stated since in Foreign Direct Investment method the investors share the risk of projects which brings more benefit to our country, if the European Banks offer to finance our projects, due to their high rate facility, we are not eager to accept. Alishiri added.  
He point out that in the Fourth Development Law, we have a decrease in foreign loans. Whereas we have the most comprehensive law for investment under BOT method and the Government will guarantee its payment commitment.
President of OIETAI declared that despite of economic pressure and international embargo against Iran, the 75 percent of approved investment over last three year has been implemented in our country.
Austria has been suffered by the global crisis and activating the economic parts is the main task of our Governments, Pitter Fischten Bouer declared.
Iran is a large and powerful country and it is very important for Austria to extent economic and trade relations with this friend country, he added.
Due to its geographical and strategic situation, Iran is also considered as an investment hub. Improving bilateral cooperation with Iran is in our agenda, he added.
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