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Ways of developing Iran-Hong Kong cooperation discussed
Director General of Foreign Investments Office discussed with his Hong Kong counterpart ways of developing economic and commercial cooperation between the two sides here on Sunday.

According to a report by Iran’s Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization, Saman Ghasemi referred to the friendly ties between the two states and stressed the need to expand bilateral banking relations.

He also proposed that a memorandum of understanding be signed by the two sides.
Ghasemi also said that during the meeting, development of information exchanges in the fields of investment, privatization, holding seminars and joint workshops were also addressed.                  
Referring to the facilities provided for foreign investors in line with the policies of the Article 44 of the Constitution, he noted that foreign companies can take part in the Iranian projects.
He went on to say that this is a suitable opportunity for the Hong Kong investors.
Describing Iran-Hong Kong economic and commercial ties as desirable, the official also said that the scientific and technological exchanges will help promote bilateral ties.
Head of Hong Kong Investment Office, Galpin, for his part, described Iran as a country with a stable economy and lucrative investment opportunities.
He called for setting up of a joint company for investing in other countries.
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