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Portugal's Ambassador to Iran visits Head of ICCIM
In the meeting convened between new Ambassador of Portugal to Iran and Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, development and promotion of economic cooperation in the fields of tourism, transportation, services, insurance and SEMs were emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" stated we just think about economic logic rather than political issues, noting that privatization process has improved in Iran and the role of private sector has highlighted in the economic activities. He also said Joint Business Councils within both countries should strengthen the relations between SMEs.
Pointing to Iran's potentials in tourism sector, he said Iran and Portugal can have good cooperation in tourism sector and there are good opportunities for establishing joint investment as well.
Emphasizing on developing joint investment, Nahavandian said Iran and Portugal can enhance joint investment in energy sector, mining, food industry, banks, insurance, transportation and services. He also added by shifting the economy from West to East new investments will be done in East and there are ample potentials for developing investment between Europe and Asia.
Pointing to the increase of private banks in Iran, Head of ICCIM noted establishment of private banks has increased in Iran and some of the state-run banks are also being privatized. This provides good opportunity for Portuguese private banks to find counterparts in Iran, he continued.
Emphasizing on Iran's capabilities in energy sector, he called on Portuguese authorities to establish cooperation with Iran on energy projects and said due to development of privatization in Iran, Iranian private companies can be active in energy sector as well.
Iran is a gate to the markets of Central Asia, Nahavandian pointed out, adding that Central Asia has a growing economy and Portuguese companies can have access to this market through developing cooperation with Iran.
Emphasizing on establishing trilateral cooperation between Iran, Brazil and Portugal, he said it is possible to develop joint investment in oil, gas and petrochemicals in Iran.
He also pointed to the geographical location of Iran for producing alternative energy and said it is possible to have joint investment in the field of solar energy which is very economical according to the appropriate location of Iran.
Ambassador of Portugal to Iran, Jorge Cabral also pointed to cultural commonalities between the two countries, noting that there are ample potentials for promoting economic ties.
Pointing to lack of information of the two countries from each other, he stated it is necessary to be more active in dissemination of economic information in order to boost the economic relation between Iran and Portugal. He also said Joint Iran-Portugal and Portugal-Iran Business Councils can play effective role in this regard.
He finally called on establishing cooperation in the fields of agriculture and energy.
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