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Purchase of multilateral metal pillars measuring 10-12 meters

Tender Advertisement 88-139

1. Tender Holder: Fars Regional Electricity Company located at # 250, Hedayat St., Between Felestin-Molla Sadra, Shiraz. Tel: +98-711-2352311
Commercial Affairs Tel: +98-711-2339942

2. Tender Subject: Purchase of multilateral metal pillars measuring 10-12 meters

3. Dates for receiving tender documents: Dec. 16-21 (from 7:30 to 14:30)

4.Place of purchasing documents: Commercial and warehouse affairs in Fars Regional Electricity Company.

5. Document needed: The receipt of 50,000 Rials deposited in current account No. 07860- 74827 at Tejarat Bank's Felestin Branch in Shiraz.

6.Place of receiving tender documents: Commercial and warehouse affairs, Fars Regional Electricity Company, # 250, Hedayat St., Between Felestin-Molla Sadn Shiraz.

7. Place of tender bid delivery: Secretariat of Fars Regional Electricity Company, 250, Hedayat St., Between Felestih-Molla Sadra, Shiraz.

8. Expiry date for delivering tender bids: Sat. Jan. 2, 2010, 8 a.m.

9. Place of holding tender: Logistics Department, 3rd Floor, Fars Regional Electricity Company

10. Opening of tender envelopes: The tender bids would be read in the presence of members of the Tender Commission. Bids lacking a signature, illegible and received after the expiry date mentioned above at No.8 will not be accepted.

11. The tender number must be written on the tender envelope and tenderers are free to attend the venue for opening tenders.

12. Tender guarantee: 130,000,000 Rials should be submitted as bank guarantee or bank check in favor of the tender holder or guaranteed by the company's Finance Department, which should be placed in envelope A and submitted to tender holder. A bank guarantee less than the mentioned amount or other forms of payment (personal checks, cash, etc.) are not acceptable.

13. Fars Regional Electricity Company is authorized to accept or reject the bids.

14. The tender will be held in two sessions.

15. The cost of advertisement will be borne by the tender winner.

Fars Regional electricity Company

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