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Drilling Services

North Drilling Company (NDCo.)

Intends to Tender “Drilling Services” in three Categories and awards the mentioned subject to qualified Contractors as follows:

A: Brief of Services and Bid Bonds:

Category No.:1
Tender No. 88/080 NDOM
Description of Service: Drilling Fluid Srv. Waste Management Srv. H2S Safety Srv. Mud Logging Srv.
Bid Bond:
For Iranian Bidders (RIALS): 750,000,000
For Non-Iranian Bidders (Euros): 50,000

Category No: 2
Tender No: 88/081 NDOM
Description of Service: Cementing & Stimulation Srv. Well Testing Srv. Slick Line & Wellhead Srv.
For Iranian Bidders (RIALS): 1,000,000,000
For Iranian Bidders (RIALS): 67,000

Category No.: 3
Tender No : 88/082 NDOM
Description of Service: Fishing & Rental Eqp. & Sub assembly Srv. Fishing & Rental Eqp. & Sub assembly Srv. Liner hanger setting Srv. Coring Srv. Directional drilling & Surveying Srv.
For Iranian Bidders (RIALS): 1,500,000,000
For Iranian Bidders (RIALS): 100,000

B: Tender Conditions: Tender Holder: North Drilling Company (NDCo.).
- Location: Operations Area of "Iranian Central Oilfields Company (ICOFC)" & Land Operations Area of Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) and any Other Iranian Onshore Operational Area(if required).
- Period: 1 calendar year extendable to 6 years.
- Performance Guarantee: %10 Of First Annual Estimated Contract Price (Bank Guarantee or Cash Deposit).
- Each Category of services will be awarded to one qualified bidder. Each bidder has the right to participate in one or all Categories.

C: Min. of Bidders' Provisions:
- Legal entity, Economic & Unique code, sufficient Financial & Technical abilities, sufficient experience & good Performance for related Services and qualified key personnel.
- Ability of Submitting Guarantees (Bid Bond & Performance).
- HSE Policy.

The applicants (Tender Bidders) who have ability as above and are willing to Participate in the Tender can refer to NDC website for Prequalification documents.
Completed Prequalification documents must submit to NDC Technical & Commercial committee on following address, maximum of 7days after second Announcement.
2nd floor, No. 114, Dadman Blvd., Shahrak Qods (Qarb), Tehran, Iran, Tel.: 021-88385651,60 ext. 124 Fax: 021-88385651,60 ext. 135.
Note: The Tender Documents will be delivered to qualified Bidders after Qualitative Evaluation of Bidders. Meanwhile the Submission of above Documents shall not reserve the right for Bidders.
North Drilling Company shall not consider proposals which are received after expiration of above mentioned Closing Date.

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