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Regional Director of Middle East in Hong Kong Trade Development Council visits Head of ICCIM
In the meeting held between Regional Director of Middle East in Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines development of banking relations between the two countries was emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" emphasized on having long-term vision to the future of the economy, noting that we should identify new opportunities and potentials in the global economy and in Asia. He also noted for discovering such opportunities in new environments, it is necessary to have new visions as well.
Pointing to the effects of global economic crisis, he said Islamic banking has affected the least and shows a good record despite the current condition since it is very much based on the real economy sector.
Pointing to China's dependency on dollar, stock and shares, he said new instruments which are based on the services sector are questionable and should be changed.
Since China uses dollar in its transactions, something should be done regarding budget deficit and trade deficit, he stated adding that the economies which are dependent on dollar will face with fluctuations in their transactions.
Emphasizing on development of relations between Iran and Hong Kong, he said there are many investment opportunities in Iran and many countries want to act as an intermediate between Iran and China, but we should try to develop direct relations between the two countries.
Pointing to the readiness of Iranian banks for expanding cooperation with their counterparts in Hong Kong, he noted private banks has become more active in Iran's economy and it is necessary to develop programs for exchanging information in this regard.
Regional Director of Middle East in Hong Kong Development Council, "Stephen Wong" pointed to boost of economy in Hong Kong, and said more attention should be paid to diversity of investments and to identify new investment opportunities.
Emphasizing on Iran's economic capabilities, he called on development of economic ties between the two countries and added companies and enterprises in Hong Kong intend to establish direct relations with their Iranian counterparts and we will encourage them to consider Iran's market more seriously.
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