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Ghasemi: Free zones must be placed on the path that leads to attraction of foreign investments
The sixth meeting of investment in free zones of Iran including Kish, Gheshm and Chabahar was held and attended by Saman Ghasemi Director General for Foreign Investments., Yousef Barvar, the Director for attraction and development of investments in Chabahar Free Zone as well as investors from the private sector.
In line with discussing the opportunities for foreign investment in the agriculture sector a meeting was held with the attendance of Saman Ghasemi the Director General for foreign Investments of OIETAI and Mohammad Reza Shafiyi Niya the Director General of the Development and Market Trade Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of I.R. Iran.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI), Mr. Ghasemi made mention of the measures taken by the OIETAI in order to market the projects to be invested in by foreign investors and stated: "when it comes to investment, the agriculture sector becomes vitally important and it does enjoy a special status in this regard. Investing in agriculture not only results in production growth and employment in this sector, it also contributes positively to other sectors because it is interconnected with other areas".
He added: "since Iran enjoys a favorable geographical position and offers facilities such as exemptions from customs, the possibility of sale and supply in domestic and international markets can be attractive to investors."
Mr. Ghasemi noted: "we need to design packages of incentives for the investments to be made in designated projects in this sector.
Also present in the meeting, Mohammad Reza Shafiyi Niya the Director General of the Development and Market Trade Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of I.R. Iran, referred to the shortcomings in the production and processing of products in agriculture and said: "considering the economic growth of the agriculture sector as one of the macro economic goals and since there is shortage of domestic financing, we need to remove our deficits through foreign financing.".
Mr. Radfar, the advisor to the economic and international planning deputy ministry of Agriculture of I.R. Iran, considered the lack of the use of modern technologies in agriculture as one of the major problems of this sector and underscored: "modern technologies have not been widely used in the agricultural sector and this has reduced the productivity and the optimal use of the existing resources in the country".
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