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Facilitating Visa Issuance for Business People
In the meeting convened between ICCIM General Director for Bilateral Affairs and Deputy Foreign Affairs of Czech Chamber of Commerce, facilitation of visa issuance was emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, ICCIM Deputy for Bilateral Affairs, "Hasan Najafi Larijani" stated that attendance of foreign delegations in the exhibition held in Tehran on "Services Export" provided good opportunities for negotiations regarding economic and commercial development between Iran and other countries.
Pointing to the volume of trade between Iran and Czech, he noted considering the potentials in both countries the volume of exchanges is not satisfactory. This is due to the fact that business people lack information about potentials and possibilities and there are banking obstacles as well, Najafi stated and called on the other side to resolve the existing problems in this case.
Facilitating visa issuance is very crucial he said, adding that practical steps should be taken in this regard.
Najafi also pointed to Iran's capabilities in exporting technical and engineering services, its active participation in implementing projects in Venezuela, Syria, and CIS countries and the possibility of cooperation between Iran and Czech in this sector, and emphasized on the utilization of these services for building and road construction, power plants, refineries, etc.
Deputy Foreign Affairs of Czech Chamber of Commerce also described about Czech Chamber of Commerce and said the two countries can cooperate on different areas including energy, food industry, public transportation as well as irrigation systems.
He also emphasized on participation of Iranian business people in international exhibitions which are being held in Czech and noted that this can help the two sides to investigate new opportunities.
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