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 KCS-8840038, 39, 40/ B633
Two-phase tender notice: (KCS-8840038, 39, 40/ B633)

with inclusion of reoccurrence (JUSTIFICATION LETTER 369437)

1-Subject Of tender: Purchase P/F MASONEILAN CONTROL VALVES in accordance with the technical specification and other terms and conditions mentioned in the tender documents.

2-Tender holder
Petrochemical Kala Company (Private Corporation) located at: TEHRAN-Hatef-e Tir Sq., Karim Khan Zand St.,Adjacent to Telecom Building No.34 , TEL: 84035061

3-Deadline and place of receipt of tender documents.
Prior to expiry date of submission of Bids via website address for receipt of Tender documents TEL: 84035061 EXT.1232, 1013

4-Time and place of delivering priced Bid, 1388/12/12 and at the address mentioned in clause two and time of opening Bids maximum two months from date of Receipt and at the central office location of tender holder.

NOTE: after expiry of due date for submission of bids on no account will Bids be accepted.

5-Required documents for receipt of tender documents

5-1-Submssion of payment receipt for the amount of 150,000 RLS to current account NO: 306052527 Tejarat bank ECO Branch in favor of Petrochemical Kala Company as participation in tender fee. It should be mentioned that the said fee will not be retuned after wards any circumstances.

5.2-Presentation of introductory letter by company representative
Reminder: the fee related to printing of the present call for tender shall be borne by the selected bidder.


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