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Iran and Bosnia Hold their First Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation Held
The first Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Bosnia & Herzegovina was held with the attendance of Dr. Shams al-Din Hosseini the Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs.
The Public Relations Department of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) quoted Mr. Hosseini as saying: “holding Joint Economic Commissions is a step taken in the right direction to enhance the relations and cooperation between Iran and Bosnia”.
The Minister went on to say that “although the two sides enjoy a great deal of cultural and historical commonalities, and the huge number of opportunities and potentialities that exist in them, their economic cooperation does not stand at a satisfactory level”.
Mr. Hosseini reiterated: “with the formation of the joint economic commission between the two sides, an umbrella of protection will be established for both private and public sectors so that they may expand the all-out bilateral relationship between the two countries with ease”.
Behrouz Alishiri, the Vice Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of the Islamic Republic of Iran was also present amongst the trade and economic activist of the two countries attending the meeting and had the following to say about the relations between Iran and Bosnia:
“The political ties of the two countries stand at their highest level possible and the economic ties need to be promoted to suit the excellent political ties. The governments of both countries are prepared to provide for all the required legal frameworks in order to develop and expand the economic activities of the private sectors of both sides”.
The President of OIETAI continued his remarks by saying that Iranian companies are going to transfer the experiences and capabilities to export Iran’s technical and engineering services to Bosnia in the fields of energy, agriculture, building of dams, construction of bridges, roads and railways.
Alishiri referred to the presence of representatives from governmental sectors including banks, insurance companies, public organizations, customs, tax organizations, privatization organization, investment organization, the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs, as well as the private sector activists in various fields as indicative of the government’s strong resolve to develop economic cooperation with Bosnia.
The Vice Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance called it the task and responsibility of the both ruling systems of the two countries to pave the ground and provide the required executive arrangements to facilitate the activities of the private sectors of both sides and expressed hope that with the establishment of a joint chamber of commerce and finalization of a preferential tariff agreement between them, the economic relations will be promoted.
Mr. Fard Hosseini the acting ambassador of the embassy of I.R. Iran in Sarajevo called the Joint Economic Commission between Iran and Bosnia the first meeting of the private and public sectors of both countries and the fruition of holding various trade seminars which have been held and expressed hope that cooperation between the two countries will be promoted in different fields.
According to our reporter, Sadegh Akbari the Director General of the Foreign Relations Office of  OIETAI made mention of the rise that foreign investment has seen in Iran and said: “important and positive developments are now taking place in Iran’s economy and the positive results are now visible in the statistics and, although, Foreign Direct Investments have been on the decline in the world (due to the global financial crisis) the absorption of such investments has increased for more than 60 percent.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys ample economic and technological capacities and is ready to provide Bosnia & Herzegovina with them”, Mr. Akbari added.
“The free zones and special economic zones of Iran are considered as considerable privileges and advantages and can very well be utilized by the private sectors of both countries for joint investments”.
the Director General of the Foreign Relations Office of  OIETAI expressed hope the next Joint Economic Commission of the two countries to be held in Tehran will have the blessing of the more active and effective presence of the private sectors of Iran and Bosnia.
Mr. Mahir Hadji Ahmadovic the President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on his part, emphasized the high status that the chamber has and the great role it can play to create a bridge between the economic and trade activists of both sides.
In the meeting, the honorable Ministers of Communications and transportations, Energy, Mining and Industry, Agriculture, as well as the high advisor and the special envoy of the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were present in the meeting and presented the latest economic advancements made by their country and described the horizons of the projects under implementation.
It is worth mentioning that that the Minister of Agriculture of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina called for the creation of the required structures for the expansion of trade cooperation between the private sectors of both countries.
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