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Ghasemi Lauds Iran Investment Opportunities Website
the Public Relations Department of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) quoted Saman Ghasemi the Director General for foreign Investments of OIETAI as saying: "more and more foreign investors are now announcing their readiness to invest in various investment projects of the country after visiting the Iran Investment Opportunities Website especially in minerals".
Referring to the negotiations held with foreign investors and the invitations extended to them to visit the investment projects in Iran, the Mr. Ghasemi reiterated: "Iranian companies active in the field of exploration and exploitation of copper products and are willing to enter into partnerships with foreign investors, are required to showcase their projects on the website".
He praised the website and called its launch as positive and added: "the website is now considered as the only English-language communication channel between the project owners and foreign investors and the mangers of the website are hard at work to inform the potential investors of the projects here".
In conclusion, the Director General for Foreign Investments of OIETAI said: "it is expected that even more projects will be introduced to foreign investors by the website as provincial projects are going to be included on the site, as well".
As the name implies the Iran Investment Opportunities Website offers the newest investment opportunities in I.R. Iran and is made up of different sections such as the latest investment projects and opportunities, investment statistics and figures, application form and list of the foreign companies that have obtained licenses from OIETAI.

The Iran Investment Opportunities Website may be visited at
The website offers other advantages such as easy access, timely responses provided to investment applicants, translated versions of investment rules and regulation in Iran in different languages and the possibility of connecting the foreign investors to each other etc.
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