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Iraqi Commercial Counselor visits ICCIM Director for Bilateral Affairs
Iraqi Commercial Counselor to Iran in his meeting with ICCIM Director for Bilateral Affairs declared that Turkey's export to Iraq hit $10b this is while Iran's export to Iraq is only $4b.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Iraqi Commercial Counselor to Iran, "Aghil Almosavi" pointed to the role of Chambers of Commerce in development of trade exchanges, noting that Iraq has special attention to Iran and existing of common history and long boarders have made the two nations closer together.
Pointing to the readiness of Iraq's Embassy for transforming experiences and consulting Iranian business people, he said although lots of delegations are exchanged between the two countries, the volume of exchanges between Iran and Iraq is less than other countries.
Pointing to industrial capabilities of Iran, he called on removal of export obstacles between the two countries.
Lack of export rules and regulations after decline of Saddam provided good opportunities for non-professional Iranian business people and lots of Iranian goods with low quality entered Iraq's markets which reflected that Iranian products do not have necessary quality, he stated.
He finally called on more active participation of Chambers of Commerce for development of trade relations between Iran and Iraq and said lack of Iranian companies' offices in Iraq's market is a reason of inactive presence of Iran in Iraq.
ICCIM Director for Bilateral Affairs, "Hasan Najafi Larijani" pointed to dispatching an Iraqi delegation from Erbil, and Soleimanieh Chambers of Commerce to Iran and called on removal of trade obstacles between the two countries.
We intend to hold Iraq's Economy Day in ICCIM and to expand the volume of trade relation between Iran and Iraq, he said.
Pointing to Iran's capabilities in exporting technical and engineering services, Larijani said Iraq needs construction of 5 million houses and Iranian investors can inaugurate these projects in Iraq. He also added joint investment can help strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

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