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Portugal Invited to Invest in Iran
Behrouz Alishiri, the Vice Minister of Economics and Finance of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with a visiting economic and trade delegation from Portugal at the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) and emphasized the necessity of expanding bilateral economic ties.
According the Public Relations Department of OIETAI, Mr. Alishiri added: “the potential for the cooperation between Iran and Portugal is so huge and the relative advantage of Iran was explained to the Portuguese delegates”.
The Vice Minister of Economics and Finance considered the familiarity and information that the private sectors of both sides have about each other as “little” and reiterated the need to inform and guide theses sectors so that they will know the capacities and areas of cooperation.
“Iran’s economy is in transition and is undergoing an overhaul. Deep infrastructural reforms are taking place in various sections of the Iranian economy”, he added.
Mr. Alishiri mentioned customs, taxation, stock market, banking, insurance, productivity, subsidy reform, and the overall business climate as the areas which have been reformed and  improved greatly and urged the foreign investors especially the ones from Portugal to seize the golden opportunity and make investments in Iran.
“in the last four years, 315 sate-run organizations worth 67 billion dollars have been sold to the private sector; a figure which is indicative of the Iranian government’s serious will to pave the ground for the effective and active presence of the private sector  in the economic fields of the country”, said Mr. Alishiri, referring to the general policies of Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution.
The President of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) went on to say: “despite the global financial crisis and the 30% drop in foreign investments in the world, Iran has seen a 60% rise in absorption of foreign direct investments and this alone shows Iran’s economic advantages, and political stability which have been attracting foreign investors and encouraging them to be present in Iran’s burgeoning markets.”
Mr. Alishiri voiced Iran’s readiness to have all-out economic and trade cooperation with Portugal and to welcome the arrival of Portuguese investors’ capital and assets in various fields relying upon the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) of I.R. Iran.
The Economy Minister of Iran concluded his remarks by saying that such meetings and sessions create an opportunity for the economic entities of the two countries to hold direct talks and contact with each other and expressed hope that the active contributions to be made by the private sectors of Iran and Portugal will soon promote the level of the economic ties between Iran and Portugal.
Mr. Jorge Cabral the Portuguese Ambassador to Tehran expressed his pleasure over the arrival of the Portuguese delegation in Iran and said: “the purpose behind the visit is to discover the new investment opportunities in Iran and to meet with the owners of the investments projects here”.
According to our reporter Mr. Antonio Barros the President of the Portugal’s Chamber of Commerce stated in the meeting: “the seminar on the investment opportunities in Iran that was held by OIETAI in Portugal provided the Portuguese private sector with a really great chance to get to know the advantages of making investments in Iran and it is high time look into and get started with the opportunities available here for trade and investment opportunities”.  
It needs to be mentioned that in the aforesaid meeting there were representatives form different governmental organizations and organs of Iran including form the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, the Development and Modernization of Iranian Mines and Mineral Industries Organization, Organization of New Energies, Organization of Bourse and Bonds, Organization of Tourism, National Company of Petrochemical as well as Euro Pars, Kisoun, Atisaz, Farasat companies and they met with their counterparts to introduce their capacities and capabilities.
The economy of Portugal has been moving towards being service-based since the country’s accession to the EU I 1986 and its GDP was one billion and two hundred and 10 million dollars in 2006: 8% was generated in the agriculture,  25.8% in Industry and 66.2% in service sector.
Portugal exports clothes and shoes, machinery, chemicals, and paper to Spain, Germany, France, the UK, and the US.
It imports transportation facilities and equipment, chemicals, textiles, petrochemicals, and agricultural products from countries like Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.
Portugal’s investments in other countries totaled 20 billion dollars in 2009.
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