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Iran-Italy enjoy Mutual Beneficial Relations
In the meeting convened between Italy's Ambassador to Iran and Head of ICCIM, exchanging trade delegations and development of economic ties between the two countries were emphasized.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" pointed to the history of relations between Iran and Italy, noting that big structural changes have done in Iran's economy and the economy is shifting from state-run oriented economy to the private sector and market oriented economy.
Now is the time for expansion of international cooperation and Europe should not miss this opportunity, he said.
Head of ICCIM also called on dissemination of economic information between the two countries, noting that private sector in Iran is now active in the areas which were monopolized by the government previously and Italian economic activists and businesspeople can inaugurate their cooperation and negotiation in different areas with the private sector.
Emphasizing on development of cooperation between SMEs in both countries, he said Iran and Italy can cooperate in various areas including renewable energy, tourism, hotels, as well as education.
Pointing to dispatching Iranian delegation to Italy next week, he called on exchanging more delegations as this can contribute promotion of economic relations between the two countries.
Iran and Italy enjoy mutual beneficial relations, he noted, adding that economic issues have economic solutions and can help solve political problems as well. He also added Italy can play an effective role in this regard.
Italy's Ambassador to Iran, "Alberto Bradanini" also pointed to cultural commonalities between Iran and Italy and emphasized on development of economic ties between the two countries.
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