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Turkey's New Ambassador to Iran visits Head of ICCIM
In the meeting held between Turkey's new Ambassador to Iran and Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) different ways of expansion of economic relations between Iran and Turkey were explored and discussed.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Head of ICCIM, "Mohammad Nahavandian" said Iran and Turkey enjoy good level of political relations, which can help develop economic ties as well since good economic relations can bring the two nations closer to each other.
He also stated in the visit of Turkey's Prime Minister in Iran, it was decided to expand the volume of trade exchanges from $10b to $ 20b and we should try to practicalize this decision.
Nahavandian also continued that in this visit cooperation on different areas such as tourism, transportation, steel industry, construction of Industrial Zones in borders, cement, and oil and gas were emphasized.
Head of ICCIM also declared that Iran and Turkey can cooperate on Halal brand and this cooperation can be beneficial for Islamic countries as well as all the world.
There are 33 provincial Chambers under the umbrella of Iran Chamber of Commerce and 80 associations are also affiliated to Iran Chamber which are active in different economic areas, Nahavandian declared, adding that Iran Chamber of Commerce is the parliament of the private sector in the country and international relations are being followed by the Department of International Affairs in ICCIM.
Turkey is among our priorities and we intend to provide reliable access to trade, investment and international banks for our business people, he said.
Establishment of branches of Iranian banks in Turkey and Turkish banks in Iran can help develop trade ties between the two countries and joint investment can help deepen trade relations, he expressed.
Iran and Turkey can be active in the framework of ECO and we expect ECO Bank to be more active and support investment projects and it is necessary for our business people to gain more knowledge about the activities of ECO Bank, he expressed.
We have not paid sufficient attention to R&D projects, while there are good universities in both countries and since both Iran and Turkey are at the same level of economic promotion it is possible to cooperate in these areas as well, he continued.
It was decided to use Rial and Lira in our trade exchanges which will be to the benefit of both countries, Nahavandian declared.
New Turkish Ambassador to Iran, "Umit Yardim" stated in this meeting that Iran is one of the important countries for Turkey and the more we can cooperate with Chamber of Commerce, the more we can encourage officials of the two countries.
It is necessary to strengthen economic relations between Turkey and Iran for instance it is possible to cooperate in tourism sector he said and added the volume of trade exchanges is not satisfactory according to potentials in both countries and it is necessary to develop our economic relations considering the existing capacities.

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