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Dr. Alishiri In The Symposium of Coalition of Capital : Introduction of More than 1000 projects to Foreign Investors
The Public Relations department of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) reported Behrouz Alishiri, deputy of Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, saying that a 60% growth in the attraction of foreign investment to Iran during last year, stands the highest in the world. He added: the process of attracting Foreign investment to the country is the most complicated equation of economic treatment of the country.

Alishiri, in the symposium of non- resident Iranians, saying that the symposium was arranged one and a half years ago  added: regarding the immense complexity of the process to attract foreign investment to the country, the necessary prerequisites are needed to be prepared for that.
He said: If we accept the presumption that attraction of foreign investment will results in the advancement of the country and expedites transfer of technology, paves the ground for employment  and enhances the level of the firms, then we should strengthen our advantages and bear in mind the fact that the other countries  have gone into intense competition in this issue, actually attraction of foreign investment is sort of combat of advantages.
Vice minister of economic affairs continued: The process of attracting foreign investment cannot be achieved through straight forward games, but it needs innovative more complicate instruments.
The president of organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran highlighted the need to adopt  ground breaking instruments in foreign investment attraction, saying: following the financial instrument of “usance” being replaced by “finance” in the course of the last few years, we concentrated on foreign direct investment  which proved to have some positive results, leading to 80% of foreign investment inflow realized within the last three years, as well as approval of foreign investments  amounting to 40 billion dollar  within the same period.
At the end, Alishiri  noted: the afore- mentioned was fulfilled by the endeavor of country’s economic soldiers at the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran. Last year the record high amount of 2.7 billion dollar for the foreign investment was achieved but still I believe the capacity of Iran’s economy is much higher. He added: to provide an improved environment for doing business in Iran, the task should be regarded as a consistently open file for the high-ranking  authorities of the system, since the most influential  factor in foreign investment attraction to the country is the our ranking  in “ Doing Business”, which requires amending the laws, rules and behavior.

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