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US Chamber of Commerce: Iran Sanctions to Harm US Interests
The Public Relations Department of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) quoted Reuters as reporting that American merchants and traders including the US Chamber of Commerce have opposed the adoption of further sanctions against Iran and considered them to be in US’s detriment.
US business groups have urged the White House to oppose Congressional plans to expand US sanctions on Iran, saying such plans will not serve US interests.
"The proposed sanctions would incite economic, diplomatic, and legal conflicts with US allies and could frustrate joint action against Iran," the US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups said in a letter sent to top White House officials on Tuesday.
They warned that the Iran sanctions proposed by the House and Senate "could prohibit any US company from transacting routine business with critical partners from around the globe, even if these transactions have no bearing on business with Iran," Reuters reported.
Earlier, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had said that he hoped the Senate would pass legislation within the next few weeks authorizing sanctions on companies that provide gasoline to Iran.
"These provisions could encompass a very large portion of the global trade community, with consequences that in our view have not been adequately assessed," the letter of the US business groups said.
"We urge you to weigh in vigorously with Congress to eliminate these highly problematic proposals," the letter added.
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