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Alishiri in his meeting with the Secretary General of Thailand Office of the Board of Investment invited the Thai Private sector to invest in Iran
Ms. Atchaka Sibunruang, the Secretary General of Thailand Office of the Board of Investment, heading a delegation comprising Thai investors, visited Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economic affairs and Finance.
As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, the secretary General of Thailand Office of the Board of Investment said: the Investment delegation of Thailand comprises government officials and business people who are visiting Iran to investigate investment opportunities. She stipulated that the outcomes of the visit will be reported to the prime minister of Thailand.
Ms. Sibunruang noted that holding Iran Investment Opportunities Forum in Thailand, will provide a very  useful opportunity for the Thailand private sector to know advantages of investment in Iran.
She also noted that Iran has profitable opportunities which are important for Thailand’s private sector and after investigation, they will invest in Iran.
Secretary General of Thailand  Office of the Board of Investment  expressed hope that Iran investment opportunities be introduced to Thai investors through the media in Thailand.
Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economy , expressing his satisfaction of the presence of Thailand investment delegation in the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, regarded the volume of economic and trade transactions between the two countries insufficient  and added: investment activities  of the countries do not meet the needs and we should help to explore each others’ economic opportunities.
He added: Thailand can be the next destination  for holding the specialized forum on introducing Iran’s investment opportunities to pave the ground for the Iranian project owners and Thai investors to hold direct negotiations.
He continued by stipulating: the Economy of Iran is undergoing fundamental transformation with deep economic reforms in different economic sectors.
Alishiri announced Iran’s readiness for multilateral economic and trade cooperation with Thailand and attracting Thai investment under the Law on Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment, in various sectors.
Deputy Minister of Economy concluded by expressing hope for the active participation of private sectors of the two countries to lead to enhancement of the economic relations of Iran and Thailand.
Based on the report, at the end of the meeting , decision was made that the specialized investment opportunities forums, exchange of technical delegations, finalizing the agreement on promotion and protection of investment, as well as dispatching specialized delegations on economic issues be carried out.
In the Q& A session, Saman Ghasemi, Director General for the Office of Foreign Investment and Sadegh Akbari, Director General of the Foreign Economic Relations Office answered the questions, raised by the Thai delegation.
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