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Director General for the Office of Foreign Investments: Three manufacturing projects are launched with the investments of non-resident Iranians
132nd session of Foreign Investment Board was held at the venue of the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran and 7 new foreign investment projects were accepted.

As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, Saman Ghasemi, General Director for the Office of Foreign Investments said: in this session three projects submitted by the non-resident Iranians for producing multipurpose mini loader, manufacturing UPVC doors and windows  as well as production and packaging mineral water was approved.
He added: the project of building a trade, amusement, recreation  and residential complex in Qeshm Island was also approved, which improves the leisure and touristic facilities in that region.
The project of Asian companies for manufacturing delicate wads, pre- fabricated plaster walls and a project for producing clothing were accepted, too.
In this session, the request of a foreign investor for extending his Foreign Investment License was agreed with.
Ghasemi concluded by noting the potential capacities of non-resident Iranians to invest in Iran, referring to the high rate of return of capital  and the advantages and incentives of the Law on Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection, invited them to invest in Iran

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