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Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: Plenty of Opportunities Exist for Economic and Trade Cooperation Between Iran and China
Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini , Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance who is attending the second World Investment Forum in China, said: Iran and China have ample opportunities for economic cooperation and can have complementary roles.

As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, quoting from IRNA, He said: despite the Global Crisis and some sanctions, the trend of investment to Iran not only didn’t slow, but accelerated.
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance added: based on the figures published by UNCTAD, the rate of Foreign Investment growth  to Iran reached 90% in the course of 2009. He said: foreign Investment to Iran during last year exceeded $3 billion, standing the sixth in the world in terms of growth of foreign investment.
Hosseini, referring to the growth of capital aggregate index in Iran and added: Today, we witness the accelerated inflow of foreign investment to the country which is a window of opportunity for us.
Economic spokesman of the Government on cooperation between Iran and China said: Economic and political relations of Iran and China are strong and strategic and the two countries know each other very well and should try to manage international challenges, they also have plenty of economic opportunities which can complement each other.
Minister of Economic affairs and Finance, referring to the foreign currency surplus of China and necessity of its investment in other countries, concluded by saying: The Chinese are seeking to invest in other countries and Iran is a country with very low risk and can be a trustworthy partner for China.
Seeing the prospect of cooperation between Iran and China positive and bright, Hosseini expressed hope that the existing 20 billion dollars trade volume between the two countries increase two folds in near future.

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